Exploring Lanna's Bon Appétit: A Journey and Mission

Lanna's lifelong love for food began during her early years as a child when she spent every summer visiting her grandmother in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa, a Francophone region. These precious visits were marked by the joy of watching her grandmother prepare healthy, creative, flavorful, and colorful meals for their family, community, and village. It was during these idyllic summers that Lanna developed a deep passion for food and the transformative power it held in bringing people together.

As a child, Lanna's connection to her grandmother's culinary artistry was a source of joy and inspiration. Her grandmother not only taught her how to prepare wholesome meals but also instilled in her the values of tradition, community, and the importance of nourishing both body and soul.

Lanna's journey took a significant turn when civil war erupted in her homeland. Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, she bore witness to the dignity and necessity of freshly prepared meals. There were moments of hardship when she had nothing to eat and times when she had very little, but she also experienced the profound impact of community and love in action as individuals came together, sharing the gift of a healthy meal with her.

It was during these challenging times that Lanna's dream took root. She aspired to share the gift of love that had been so generously given to her through nourishing meals, and she envisioned making this gift accessible and affordable to all.

Lanna's journey continued as she grew into a young adult, taking her on a path that included roles as a nanny, residential counselor, and houseparent. In these diverse and impactful positions, she honed her caregiving skills and deepened her understanding of the needs and challenges faced by individuals and families.

Her experiences as a nanny in Europe, where she nurtured and cared for children, further strengthened her bond with food as a means of creating harmonious environments. This time allowed her to explore the profound impact food could have on both physical well-being and emotional connection.

Later, as a residential counselor and houseparent in the United States, Lanna gained a unique perspective on the diverse needs and aspirations of those she served. These roles uniquely equipped her with the ability to craft meals that not only nourish the body but also speak to the soul, reflecting her unwavering commitment to well-being.

And now, as a mother and wife, she is equally committed to her mission.

Our mission is clear: to improve lives and simplify the journey to overall well-being through delightful, healthy, and simple meals. As a family-run business, we take immense pride in nourishing both the body and soul, ensuring that every client is not just satisfied but deeply fulfilled.